Will Color Sealing Grout Lines Make My Floors Look Like New?

October 23, 2023

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Will Color Sealing Grout Lines Make My Floors Look Like New?

Flooring plays a critical role in the look and feel of your home. Whether you have hardwood, natural stone or tile and grout, well-kept flooring can elevate the look of any space. Of course, keeping floors looking fresh and clean can be a challenge. Between daily traffic, kids, pets and spills, there are plenty of reasons your floors might need a good cleaning. A fresh start is critical for grout lines between tiles, as dirt and grime can become trapped and appear discolored. Color sealing grout lines is a recent trend that refreshes the color of your grout, while protecting its integrity.

As a homeowner, you have many reasons you want your house looking its best. Maybe you’re preparing to entertain family for the holidays or host an event like a wedding shower or graduation party. You might even be prepping your house for sale, hoping that clean floors will elevate its appeal and market value.

Until you have a reason to refresh your home, it can be easy to overlook the impact of daily life on your floors. Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of the ways to improve the appearance of your tile and grout floors, including the effect of color sealing grout lines. 

First, let’s take a closer look at grout. Why does it get so discolored in the first place? How can you properly clean and protect this style of flooring? 

The Challenge of Grout

When the grout between your tiles shows dirt and stains, it impacts the overall look of your floors. Unprotected grout can act like a magnet for dirt and debris. Even the cleanest homes can have grout stains from regular wear and tear. The reason for this discolored appearance? It comes down to the physical makeup of grout itself. 

Most grout is rough and porous, often composed of sand and composites, making it a perfect trap for dirt and stains. Not only does dirt adhere easily to grout, but it can also sink deep within, making it difficult to get fully clean. 

Even worse, the dirt, debris and grime trapped in grout can lead to mold, mildew and bacteria, which can appear deeply stained. Many homeowners complain that grout becomes dirty quickly, even after they work hard to get it clean. Depending on the way you clean and the products you use, you could be making the problem worse. Even dirty mop water can penetrate grout and lead to deep staining issues. 

So, what’s to be done? What if you have tile and grout floors that need help quickly? Let’s look at a few ways to improve their overall look, including the option of color sealing grout lines. 

First, an Effective Clean

To improve the look of their floors, some homeowners opt to replace damaged tiles, hoping that selective improvement will help their overall appearance. Of course, replacing single tiles won’t clean the dirt trapped between them. To deal with stained grout, some homeowners get creative. 

A classic stop-gap solution? To cover up the problem with area carpets or strategically placed furniture. But this is difficult to do effectively and ultimately leaves areas of your floor exposed. The solution to stained tile grout is almost always a deep, thorough cleaning. 

Properly done, grout cleaning will remove dirt, bacteria, mold and grime from deep within your floors, giving them a fresh look that can elevate the appearance of an entire room. For top results, you’ll want to use a combination of hydrogen peroxide and/or bleach, along with a neutral pH floor cleaner, using tools such as a grout brush and microfiber mop.

Of course, cleaning grout can be an extensive job. Depending on the size of your tile floor, you may spend more time than you’d like on your hands and knees, wondering if you’re doing it right. The best solution is often to hire professionals for the job. Floor cleaning pros will have the expertise, knowledge and tools to do the job quickly and well, relieving you of the mess, the hardship and frustration of doing it yourself. 

Protect Your Work

As newly-cleaned grout can quickly become dirty again, it’s important to protect your work as soon as possible. The most effective method of protection is the use of a chemical sealant. When a chemical seal covers the grout between your tiles, it prevents dirt, debris and the wear and tear of daily traffic from creating stains and discoloration. 

Color sealing grout lines, otherwise known as grout painting, offers another angle on grout protection. A colored, topical coat acts as a sealant, which helps to repel moisture, stains and dirt. When color sealing grout lines, you can choose any color you’d like to use on your grout, although most homeowners opt for a near-match of their tile colors. 

If you decide that color sealing is the best option for your tile flooring, you’ll need to clear the floor space, clean the grout carefully and select a color for painting. Once the job is complete, it will need time to properly dry, in order for the color to penetrate the grout. Any excess sealer also needs to be removed, before the floor is buffed and residue removed.

Find a Team You Trust

While color sealing grout lines has become a popular solution for stained tile and grout, it’s important to note that it is not recommended as a do-it-yourself project. Color sealing grout lines is a multi-step process that requires specific tools, product knowledge and expertise. If you attempt to take on this job yourself, you risk feeling that you’ve wasted time and money on a project that leaves you unhappy with the end result.

Similar warnings apply to hired help. While anyone can say they’re qualified for color sealing grout lines, it’s important to make sure you have experienced professionals lined up for the job. When your goal is to elevate the look and feel of your floors, the last thing you want is an uneven grout color or a low-quality job that will peel or fall apart quickly. 

Once you decide that color sealing grout lines is the route you want to take, the best solution is to find a trusted team of professionals for the job. Do your research, check reviews and ask to see the quality of their work. The more you trust a flooring specialist for color sealing grout lines, the greater peace of mind you’ll have. 

VICOR offers premium floor care services, with unparalleled floor care experience and dedication to a job well done. Owner-operated, with a commitment to best-in-class technology and equipment, VICOR offers personalized service tailored to your needs. At VICOR, we believe that premium quality floor care should be accessible to all. Whether you need first-class cleaning for rugs, carpets, hardwood floors, natural stone or tile and grout, we are ready to help freshen up your home.

Reach out for a free consultation. Whether you are interested in a general cleaning or color sealing grout lines, we’re happy to discuss how a deep clean can help your home feel like new. 

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