Color Sealing Grout Lines Project in Oakland Township, MI

At this recent color-sealing grout lines project located in Oakland Township, MI. our mission was to elevate their floors from dull to modern. We accomplished that in a snap.

Are you tired of the dated look of your tiled floors because of large grout lines? Join the modern trend of slim, almost invisible grout lines. Instead of the hassle of retiling your entire floor, let us make the transformation easy. Using our custom color sealing grout process, we can change the color of your grout lines to blend seamlessly with your tiles, creating a sleek, modern aesthetic.

We offer you a palette of 40 different colors to choose from, enabling you to perfectly match your grout lines to your tiles.

Why Color Sealing Grout Matters

Enhances Appearance

Color sealing can breathe new life into your existing tile flooring by providing a uniform color that blends flawlessly with your tiles. The result yields a sleek and updated appearance that aligns with modern design preferences.

Protects against Stains and Discoloration

Grout, being porous, can absorb spills and debris, leading to stubborn stains that compromise the overall look of your floor. Color sealing provides a protective barrier that repels stains and discoloration, keeping your grout looking pristine.

Increases Durability and Lifespan of Floors

By preventing moisture and grime from penetrating the grout lines, color sealing extends the life of your floors. This protective seal reduces the chances of cracks and damage, which could lead to costly repairs down the line.

How Color Sealing Grout Works

The process of color sealing involves a thorough cleaning of the grout lines followed by an application of a specially formulated color sealer. This product not only dyes the grout but also imbues it with a protective coating. It’s applied meticulously to ensure every nook and cranny is sealed off from potential damage.

With VICOR Floor Care, your outdated grout line color transforms into an effortlessly chic and modern style, almost disappearing in sight. Experience the ultimate floor transformation today.

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