Grout Color Sealing and Carpet Cleaning in Royal Oak, MI

Grout Color Sealing and Carpet Cleaning in Royal Oak, MI

Grout Color Sealing is a restorative process for old grout that has been permanently stained. Grout can get permanently stained when not sealed correctly, read more about the importance of sealing here. Once permanently stained, a regular cleaning will not bring the grout back to its original color. Thankfully, VICOR has the solution, color sealing! By applying color sealing, we are restoring the color of the grout to better-than-new condition. Color sealing eliminates the pours properties of grout for ever, making it much easier for you to clean. The best part… the results will WOW you! Just like this Royal Oak customer, who’s expectations were exceeded, thanks to color sealing!

This Royal Oak project also included carpet cleaning. This home owner was worried about the carpets getting too wet with our steam cleaning method, and wanted to get back to using her space as soon as we left. Thankfully, using our low moisture cleaning method, the carpets looked bright and clean, and were dry before we left!

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